Still Standing
Daily prime time quiz show

by Armoza Formats/Still Standing

Drunk History
Channel: Viacom/Comedy Central

The Song

Life broadcast of the Hungarian semifinal and final of the Eurovision Song contest.


Let's Make Festival !

Big Duet



Productions before 2002

  • The Weakest Link, 2001

    Prime time quiz series based on BBC – The Weakest Link license.
    Anchor: Máté Krisztina

    Channel: TV2

  • Multi-millionaire - Now or Never, 2000

    Prime time quiz series
    by the „Action Time – Chance of a lifetime” license
    Anchor: Gabriella Jakupcsek

    Channel: TV2

  • Rollick, 1997

    Rollicking show with the biggest domestic stars, prime time.
    Hungarian development.
    Anchor: Lajos Galambos

    Channel: TV2

  • Voice of the Year, 2000

    Talent spotter with guests, prime time series.
    Anchor: Jenő Csiszár

    Channel: TV2

  • Big Class Reunion, 1999


    Prime time series by the license of 
    Wegelius TV/Big Class Reunion.
    Anchor: Nóra Szily

    Channel: TV2

  • Wheel of Fortune, 1993

    Quiz with the letters, based on 
    King World/Wheel of Fortune license.
    Anchors: Viktor Klausmann, Tamás Gajdos, András Vízy

    Channel: m1, TV2

  • The Mole, 2000

    Adventure reality game series with a conspirator. 
    By T.T.T. I. bvba, Rick Tubbax/The Mole license.
    Anchor: László Szalma

    Channel: TV2

  • Girls are (not) Angels!, 2000

    Self developed musical talk show series, prime time
    Anchor: Pa-Dö-Dö

    Channel: TV2

  • 8 Sharp-shooters, 1999

    Self developed prime time show with young talents.

    Channel: TV2

  • Hollywood Squares (Evening Broadway), 1999

    Prime time series
    by the King World/Hollywood Squares license.
    Anchor: István Vágó

    Channel: TV2

  • Party tv, 1998

    Self developed show programme for youngsters.
    Anchor: Áron Kovács

    Channel: TV2

  • Jeopardy (All or Nothing!), 1993

    Classical quiz by the King World/Jeopardy license.
    Anchor: István Vágó

    Channel: TV2

  • One Hundred Million, 1999

    Daily prime time quiz for one hundred million HUF.
    Anchors: Tamás Gajdos, András Vízy

    Channel: TV2

  • Who am I?, 1998

    Humorous prime time quiz with stars.
    By the Absoutely Independent /Who am I? license.
    Anchor: István Vágó, Adolf  Kósa L.

    Channel: TV2

  • Those Were the Days, 1998

    Prime time music show
    By the Endemol/Those Were The Days license. 
    Anchor: István Vágó, Szandi

    Channel: TV2

  • DreamStory, 1998

    Daily prime time star-magazine with Adolf Kósa L.

    Channel: TV2

  • Love at First Sight, 1997

    Randevues with unknown people, prime time
    By the Action Time/Love at First Sight license.
    Anchor: Adolf Kósa L.

    Channel: TV2

  • Soundmix Show (Runner), 1997

    Prime time talent show series.
    Based on Endemol/Soundmix Show license.
    Anchors: István Vágó, András Csonka, Attila Pataki

    Channel: TV2

  • Spectrum, 1998

    Self developed Hungarian and european cultural magazine.
    Anchor: Edina Baráth

    Channel: TV2

  • Theatrical broadcasts, 1997


    Channel: TV2

  • Photoplay, 1995

    By the King World/ Photoplay license.
    Anchor: Dóra Prokopp

    Channel: m1

  • Let's Make a Deal (Pig in a Poke), 1994

    By the Fremantle/ Let's Make a Deal license.
    Anchor: György Rózsa

    Channel: m1

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