Still Standing
Daily prime time quiz show

by Armoza Formats/Still Standing

Drunk History
Channel: Viacom/Comedy Central

The Song

Life broadcast of the Hungarian semifinal and final of the Eurovision Song contest.


Let's Make Festival !

Big Duet




  • Stahl's kitchen, 2015

    Popular cooking show on every Sunday on TV2 channel. Judit's receipts are introduced in natural and easy to understand way for everyone who enjoys cooking.

    Presenter: Judit Stahl

    Channel: TV2

  • How to be an attractive woman?, 2011

    Daily life-style program for women.

    In a joint production with Origo/Life, supermodell Nóra Takács gives valuable advices for women in a graceful tone.

    Channel: TV2

  • Norbi's Secret, 2004

    Healthy live-style magazine series, daily
    Anchor: Norbert Schobert

    Channel: TV2

  • Attention, We are Coming!, 2004

    Irregular guide of European cities, series
    Anchors: Jenő Csiszár, Xavér Varnus

    Channel: m1

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